What is Cytomegalovirus (CMV)?

So what's this virus that Nigel has? We were definitely very interested to find out. And it's actually contagious. We're not particularly concerned. We're still sharing food because sharing is caring. We're just more careful with our grandparents. And he gets his own brand new Tsum Tsum cup. The privileges he's been accorded. *shakes head. So Nigel's been home for the past few days yay! He was warded on the 1/12 and came home on the 12/12. Hello hair! (: His doctor's been really honest though. She's very worried about his blood count levels. We went back on Friday for a blood test. His white blood count is still very low. And she says that the graft is very fragile. Which means it's still there. That's kinda like good news right? (: So we've been scheduled for a blood test tomorrow and a follow up on Thursday for the virus checks. So please do keep Nigel in prayer. We like him at home. And we'd love for h

Weekly updates

Nigel had a review on Tuesday and managed to skip transfusions again (: thank God for that. His platelet counts have gone up to 52 but his white and red blood counts have gone down again. We've just received a call today to say that he has been tested positive for viral infections and will need to be warded again for a week on the anti viral drip. Sounds like needles and blood again on a daily basis. Some things, you'll never want to get used to dealing with. Please do keep him in your prayers. We trust that God has a plan and that He'll carry Nigel through.  In His love and ours,  Brenda & Nigel 

Day 32: Celebrating milestones

We've just gone for full blood counts. Mine are still short of hitting the regular red blood intervals but I'm the least of everyone's concerns.  Nigel's white blood cell counts have fallen, but we're seeing an increase in the red blood cell and platelet counts. He'll have once/ twice weekly outpatient appointments for blood checks/ reviews/ transfusions will Day 100.  There'll be another chimerism test somewhere in there. And we hold our breaths for Day 180 where we've been cautioned of Graft vs Host Disease. His recovery process of a five year time period will be a long (graph) road ahead.  And we remember to celebrate milestones.  Today is 2 days belated celebrations for his first month counting from his new birthday.  19.11.2017.  Thank you for keeping us in your thoughts and walking us through this journey together. We've prayed for provision and miracles and our prayers are answered day by day.  We're richly loved a

Day 31: The day before.

We're eating. You know how they always market meat from animals that are 100% grain fed? Not that we need any marketing here. But we're on that grain fed diet. Or at least Nigel is. (: Today I was reminded of God's promises with the people of this Earth. His covenant with His people. (: You alone can rescue - Matt Redman Who, Oh Lord, could save themselves? Their own soul could heal? ... You alone can rescue, You alone can save. You alone can lift us from the grave. You came down to find us, Led us out of death. To you alone belongs the highest praise. (: Do keep us in prayer for our blood counts. We'll both be at NUH for the day. Nigel's concerned that if he has to do transfusions, I wouldn't be back in time to cook dinner. He says we wouldn't be able to eat at the Science canteen because it'd be too crowded at lunch hours. Pray for a short day out ;) Things'll fall into place someho

Day 29 & 30: Home for the weekend (:

4pm. And Nigel's finally home. For the first time in 59 days. All his blood counts are still on the downward trend. We'll be back on Monday for the next blood count at 9 am. Both him and I. So please do keep our blood counts in prayer. He's scheduled for transfusions of red blood cells and platelets in the afternoon. We should also be getting the chimerism test results then. We're praying for dominant donor cells. For the first time in a long while, we don't have numbers. They aren't defining our emotions. There's a feeling of wild abandon in this sudden freedom. (: I'll be first to say that we're all still sitting on edge, the thoughts on the back of our minds as we watch him move around the house, as we watch him take his temperatures thrice daily, as we see him follow his menu of medicines. So we continue to pray. In the same way, the Spirit helps us in our weakness. We do not know what we ought

Day 28: Almost -does- count (:

Quick updates. All his counts have fallen. The WBC has fallen today to 5.06, because they've stopped the G-CSF jabs yesterday. We're still waiting for the results of the second chimerism check before the doctors decide about his discharge. Nigel can almost come home already! (: He says he might have to be back outpatient twice/thrice weekly. But he's just looking forward to being home. Perhaps a change of environment will do him good. I'll be honest to say that I am fearful. His nurse came in just now and told him that if his temperature hits 38 degrees Celsius or if he has diarrhoea, it's back to the A&E. He will have a memo given to make sure he has immediate treatment. I know she's just letting us know but it made me wonder about the days ahead when Nigel is without the round-the-clock care that he has right now in the ward. Do not be anxious about anything, but in every situation, by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, pres

Day 27: The number that follows 6.65 and the number that precedes 6.67

We're dialing 6.66 to let the devil know that we're going home soon enough. (: That's his WBC counts for today.  And they've stopped the G-CSF jabs for now. To see how the WBC counts are affected. Please do pray that they increase anyway. His hemoglobin counts have gone down to 8.3 probably because they've been destroyed faster than they can be produced. Let's hope that the whole bag of spinach he had for dinner tonight would fix that. I can hold them with three fingers now! (: That's not really counted since he took Cyclosporin before dinner and they've stepped up Magnesium tablets to four times daily now instead of two. But let's celebrate small successes with big smiles :D I was hoping to share a Llaollao with Nigel but he's not allowed to take any yoghurt for a while yet. No live bacteria and cultures. Do pray for his complete healing. The road is long and we know that God'll carry him on His sh